Friday, 21 January 2011

Eco Quilt Challenge - First block

I signed myself up for the Eco Quilt Challenge. I've not done much quilting but I love the idea. I have been hoarding scraps and old clothes since I started sewing so this is the perfect opportunity for me to use them.

The Stash

Each block is going to be themed. The first theme is centred. I've chosen to make the centre square of my block out of an old pair of tights. I've had these tights since I was about 14. I wore them to death and then turned them into a set of sleeves for under tops. I've then had them in a bag after that stopped being a style I wore. I couldn't throw them, I loved them that much. I always knew I would find something else to do with them. It is important to me that they are the centre of an Ecologically minded quilt. They have been upcycled and hoarded and loved. They really do represent the use it up/wear it out mentality I adore. The rest of the block is made of a pillowcase (I backed the tights in that material too) that was given to me by a friend as part of a massive pile of old bedding he was throwing out. So the first block is totally 2nd hand. Love it!

Edited to alter pic sizes. You should be able to see all of them now


  1. Hiya, I've tootled over from Damn the Brocolli's blog for a nosy. :-)

    Good luck with the quilting, its on my list of things to learn to do!

    megan x

  2. I can attest to your quilting skills after our gorgeous wedding gift (its still my favourite thing we got). :o)

    I LOVE the idea of putting together things which may have different memories into a quilt to preserve them. Oh how I wish I had this kind of skill.

    Baking is the first item on my agenda when baby Davy is born... who knows, sewing may follow (although I'd draw the line at making garments. Im never going to be that good).

    I look forward to the progress of your quilt!