Friday, 7 January 2011

A dash of colour

I love colour. Don't get me wrong I'm a goth at heart but I love colour. Even in my deepest teenage goth days I still wore neon coloured socks! Today I am dressed in fuchsia tights, a yellow and white skirt and a black top. My coat is bright red. It clashes and I adore it.

I love coloured and patterned tights. They're a great way to inject some bright into an outfit. I don't hold with certain colours in certain season either. Wear bright yellow in winter and remember the sunshine says I.

I've spent the last few years being more conservative in my dress. Less patterns, less colour. Less me to be honest. This week I've been in flowered, purple, fuchsia and bow pattered tights. It's a start. My biggest problem is the lack of tops in my wardrobe. I've spent about 8 years in vest tops due to fluctuating weight and self esteem issues. One of my plans for the new year is to make myself plenty of different tops in my kind of fabrics.

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  1. Go for it - and post some inspirational pics of your bright outfits! :)