Thursday, 20 January 2011

The BlueFrogSticks shop launch

Those who are most observant will have noticed that the to do list has gone. It worked for a while but I kinda ran out of steam. So now the left hand side of the blog is dedicated to my mini empire. That's right folks I am branching out into the world of commerce. The plan is to sell anything I can craft. All monies will be going directly into the Homestead fund. I want out of the rat race and onto my little farm. Currently the frog on the left will take you to my Folksy shop where I will be selling jewellery, hair ornaments, sewn and knitted goods, wool once I get the hang of spinning and soap once I get certified. At some point soon there will be a second one for my photography.

It is all things go here at the Frog. If you would like to support the Frog then please mention me to your friends, put a note in a post, or you can grab the button and display it on your blog by using the code below.

Wish me luck!

Copy this code and paste it wherever you would like the button to appear.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>


  1. Congrats on the launch! Those hair sticks are beautiful. :)

  2. Good Luck on your venture Joelle!