Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Were there kittens?

Unfortunately there were no kittens. This is some yarn I found in a big bag of stuff Spadger's Nana gave me. There are several lumps of what were once skeins of yarn. Some in this pink and some peach. Now I'm not a fan of either colour but it's good sock or lace yarn. So I'm unknotting. Now I should let you into a little secret here. I adore unpicking knots. Even the ones you get in necklace chains where you have to get a pin to manage it. Love them love them love them. I find it very therapeutic as you cannot be angry or wound up or upset in any way to successfully unpick a knot. You have to be calm. So the activity is calming. It centres me quite effectively. So I've been unravelling this mess onto a stick.

Then once I've gotten to the other end (I have no idea how long that will be as I don't know how many skeins there were and they're all in one lump now) I make a nice neat skein by wrapping the yarn around 2 pegs on my peg loom, tying it up and then folding it into a skein.

Pretty, no?

1 comment:

  1. I too ♥ undoing messes like that! Everyone hands me their tangled up messes for me to sort out :)