Wednesday, 7 May 2014

365 - May 3rd - 7th

Ok I've decided to change how I post these. Rather than trying to post them everyday, which I inevitably fail at,  I will post them every Wednesday and/or Friday. These are usually my days off so it makes sense.

So today I have 5 pictures for you.

First up is My Eyes. They are brown and only brown.

Second up is What I Am Reading. I pretty much always have at least 2 books on the go. Shame I can't read them simultaneously!

Next is Small Details. This is something I photograph a lot. I like to get in and see the tiny bits of things. I need a better lense to do this properly but this will have to do.

Fourth up is Innocence. I think most people would agree there is nothing more innocent than a baby.

And lastly is Poise. I am amazed I can still do this ^_^

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