Friday, 16 May 2014

365 - 8th - 16th May

Here are this week's images ^_^

8th - Trust. We trust people with the most fragile parts of ourselves. We trust them to be gentle and to take care. 

9th - Resourcefulness.  I had to be pretty resourceful to get out of this spot. Shame I wasn't really :o(

10th - Play. Yes I am a fully grown adult. but occasionally I still take toys into the bath ^_^

11th - Motherly Love. This is the bracelet my Mother got me on my wedding day.

12th - Check Up. I hate going to the Doctors but I had to this week. Chest infections are not fun!

13th - Activity. I try and stay active. Kettlebells certainly make it more fun.

14th - Health. Mmmm, leafy greens.

15th - Relaxing. No one knows how to relax quite like a cat.

16th - Self Discipline. I have none of it. I find a good to do like helps me stay focused.

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