Friday, 25 March 2011


I am, rather successfully you will note, avoiding doing the washing up right now. I will get round to it before Spadger gets home. Bit right now I am trying not to fall asleep.

Last night was the auditions for my AmDram groups latest production. We're doing The Importance of Being Earnest and I'm directing. This meant I was in charge of the audition and spent 2 hours judging people. I was sat on my ass the whole time, no idea why it was as exhausting as it really was!. Then I didn't sleep much last night and what sleep I did get was full of weird dreams. So yeah, sleepy now.

I walked home from work as Spadger wasn't at work today. I took a moment to walk on a wall. When did that stop being fun? Never apparently. I grinned the whole time. I also love the fact that I'm sure many other grown ups gave me funny looks for doing it. I like messing with the adults!

*sigh* Supposed I'd best go wash up then.....