Saturday, 12 March 2011

A bit of support

Today I'd like to talk support. Boobie support. So gents this might not be one for you.

I'm a big fan of being well supported. The fact that my support is engineered may have something to do with this. The girls are substantial :o) I don't understand current measuring systems. Measure back size then add 4 or 5 inches. Do these people not understand that the back strap is the one that does all the work! How adding that much to it can be right I do not know. I don't do this. My back measures 33 inches. This means I could either go with a 34 or a 32. I actually use the 32 even though it means a couple of uncomfortable weeks because it means they last longer. Once you get past a certain size these babies are not cheap. Next is your cup size. Measure the fullest part of your bust and take the back size off that. For every inch bigger your FB measurement is you add a cup size. So in my case this is 10 inches. Now this is where it all gets a bit fuzzy. Because that equation is dependent on the maker of the bra and the style. I generally wear a 32J but that can change depending on the bra. You should just grab a variety and go try them on.

The back strap should stay level and not ride up. A new bra should be worn on the loosest hooks. There should be no over spill on the cups, even on a low cut bra. If you manage all that then it fits, go buy it.

Your next issue is how long it will last. I hold my hands up and say I wear them far too long. I know I am over due for them when my back starts hurting. It's a lot of weight to be carrying if you're not doing it right. So here is some photo evidence of how much strain this wonderful piece of engineering is put under and what is does to the bra.

The top one is the new one (you can tell by the shiny colour hehehe) . Look at the difference in shape caused by the elastic in the old one being shot.
Look at how much the back strap has stretched. It is sitting I have worn it on all 3 sets of hooks and now it is totally knackered.
The side panels no longer sit where they should. They are all squished and dig into my side.
The left picture is in the old bra. The right picture in the new. Spot the difference? Perkier by far don't you think? My clothing is sitting better and my back no longer hurts. They might not be the cheapest of things in the world but they are definitely worth the money. I get fitted at Bravissimo. They don't use a tape measure, it's all done on how it looks and feels. They only do from a D cup upwards so if you are smaller than that I would recommend taking a morning or an afternoon, going to your fave lingerie shop and treating yourself to a trying on session. You may find that you need to come down a back size (or 2) and up a cup size or so.


  1. You should just grab a variety and go try them on.

    Oh yes. I remember the day, six or seven years ago, when I went into Bravissimo and did just that - the same design, several different sizes. My boobs have been thanking me every day since. (I thought I was a D cup, but I was actually an F/G.)

    I wear mine for too long too - the good (Bravissimo) ones are too expensive to threw away too often. One thing I read was that when new, the bra should fit on the widest back setting then you move along the hooks as it stretches. That usually gives me a bit more time with my beloved ones.

    Have you tried any of the Bravissimo clothes - the ones with built-in bras or just better fitted items?

  2. Thank you for explaining it in a way I don't need a maths degree to understand it.

  3. Hi Louisa. I've not tried any of their clothes mostly because I can't really afford them. However I would have loved one of the strappy tops. Pure genius!

  4. Hello! I so totally agree with you - expensive but oh-so-worth it for the support. I actually find the shape of bras at Bravissimo doesn't work for me, but I get fitted at Rigby & Peller, and end up wearing Prima Donna (Dutch or Belgian company, can't remember). I wear H cup, which until recently was their largest (they now do I cup in some models). I remember the days of being fitted at M&S - huge back size in a D cup, I was all over the place! At rigby and peller I went from 42D to 36H and never looked back.

    Louisa - re the fitted clothes at Bravissimo - my only 2 work suits are from Bravissimo. Expensive but the jackets button up without gaping!!! the only ones I have found which fit well.
    Unfortunately they seem to only do suits intermittently - one of my suits is five years old and showing it, the other two years old.
    I have tried some of their other clothes but they are a bit hit and miss to be honest - some are just weird / wrong style / too thick fabric. But that's just my taste/style. Also tried one of their built-in-bra strappy tops in the sale - disappointing, bad fit for me.

  5. The proper way of sizing makes absolutely no sense to me at all as bras in the size Im 'supposed' to be never fit. I have never been measured properly. I keep meaning to go but Im terrified of the prices at Bravissimo.