Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Last minute moose

Ok so this year I have done really well with my presents. I got everything that needed posting in the post last night so it will go with the last post before Christmas. Usually I miss the last post and my gifts arrive in January. I only have one gift that needs to be completed before Christmas (the others can be done over the holidays as we'll be visiting folk with them). That last gift is for Spadgersdottier. Yeah I'm a bad stepmum.

So I am in a state of emergency knitting of the strawberry moose. I will be knitting in my dinners and on the way to and from work. Also before bed. Maybe through the night! To be honest there should be no issue. It's not that complicated a pattern and I'm quite confident after the Zebra.

I'm starting next years presents in January!!!


  1. I say that every year! I said that last year, and I've just said it this year!
    Maybe we should have a monthly gift-along?

  2. Definitely Jackie. Sounds like a good plan. I'll see if I can come up with some kind of gift along like the sew alongs I've joined.