Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sure smells a lot like flowers

I love flowers but not many grow in my garden. A combination of the most clay ridden soil in the world and 2 large trees that suck all the moisture out
:o( However we have one rose bush which I love.
It didn't flower this year as we had to cut it back a lot due to black spot. Hopefully it will come back next year.

I'm hoping to plant many things in pots this year but as always I'm really late at starting this. I have a tonne of tulip bulbs that needed planing about a month ago. Must do that this weekend!!!
I really like orchids and while we don't have any in the garden there are masses of them along the riverbank on our walk to the Abbey.

I also like most of the bugs that flowers bring in. Not only are they pretty, they help pollinate all our vegetables. Win win as far as I'm concerned.

I think that will have to be enough from me for today as my back is killing me and I can't really sit at the computer for much longer. Ah well, plenty of pretty pics if not much in the way of words. So much for my must blog more plan :o)

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