Wednesday, 7 October 2009

a bit of this....

So this entry in the blog is certainly a bit more journal like. The everyday musings and descriptions of my day. I’ve been reading Rhonda’s blog for a few weeks now and I guess this post reminds me of hers. I am up to August 2008 now and as soon as I get up to date I intend to introduce myself.
We had rain here for the first time in what seems like ages. Now I know it has rained, we’ve not been in a drought or anything like that. But it has been really sporadic and only little showers. Our water barrel, which we use for all the garden and indoor plants, was down to it’s last few inches. Well when we got home last night it was overflowing! It’s times like this I wish We had a second barrel. We are going to look at another one soon. It’s kinda unfortunate it rained as the barrel being empty would have been the perfect time to move it in readiness for another one. Ah well.
Last night I made pie for the first time. All my life I’ve wanted to be able to make pastry and it is a skill that has eluded me. For some reason I see a meat pie as the height of the housewife’s art. Not sure why. (I’m not even a housewife so I’m not sure why it matters so much) Well last night I made a pie with cheese pastry filled with the left over stew from the night before. We had it with half a baked squash and it was delicious. The pastry demon is definitely conquered hehehehe.
I also made some shortbread biscuits, 2 pound cake loaves and set some fruit soaking in tea to make Brack. This is a tea loaf that is in my Be~Ro cookbook. Spadger loves it! So tonight I shall make that and then set to work on the baby quilt I am making for a friend. It is my first attempt at quilting and I really hope it works well. Tea will be leftover pie from last night served cold with a baked potato and some baked beans.
All in all I’m feeling a very “simple” vibe this week which I love.

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