Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm back.......I think

Wow it has been a while since my last proper post. Trying to balance everything in my life has been impossible so something had to give and I'm afraid it was the blogging. So I'm going to give you a bit of a catch up post here and then I should be back on the wagon.

This is Willow. She is about 8 weeks old in these pictures. She's now 14 weeks. She was a surprise present from Spadger. I came back from Woolfest and he dropped this little bundle of fur in my lap. That wasn't all though. She came with a hand woven willow ring tied to her neck and a marriage proposal. Yup, I am bethrothed. Squee does not even begin to cover it. We are planning to marry September next year.

So that's the most important news I have. Everything else in my life is pretty much knitting and stress. The theatre group I'm a part of is 10 weeks away from their next performance and the actor playing the lead has decided to leave us. Stress! I'm nearly 3 weeks overdue for a holiday. I like to have 1 week off every 12 weeks and I don't go til next week. I'm on count down now :o) But it means I'm uber stressed about everything now as I just need a break.

I've been starting to get into some sort of fitness routine. The amount of people that assume it is becasue I am getting married is ridiculous. It seems that getting fit has become so synonymous with loosing weight that you can't just want to get fit. I'd like to quote the actors from 300 "appearance as a consequence of fitness". This is what I am aiming for. I aint getting any younger and have a future of sorting out a homestead to look forward to. I needs to get fit. If I happen to look better beacuse of that then woot! I've moved over to a mostly paleo diet and have been going to Zumba with my mother. I've almost completed the 200 sit ups programme and have been trying to do a bodyweight routine I found on Nerd Fitness. I go for my first crossfit session this week.

On the knitting front Nerd Wars moves on apace. So far this tournament I have submitted 6 items each round and am still just about on track to finish my dissertation. Fingers crossed! The spinning is coming along well too.

I guess that's about it. Not very exciting really but that is kinda how I like my life.


  1. Oh, you got proposed to with a kitten?? Love it. My hubs bought me three baby ducklings one time to cheer me up, but this is immeasurably better. Congratulations to you both! Glad to see you blogging again. :)

  2. Hey, welcome back! :)
    And congrats on your engagement! I wish you and Spadger all the best.

    Your cat seems rather familiar, do wanna have a look in the future? ;)

  3. Not exciting??! You have a kitten!!!! It doesnt get more exciting than that!!! oh yeah, AND you are getting married!!! Congratulations!!!
    I wish you a very long and very happy togetherness. (I mean you and Mr. Broccoli, but obviously it could mean you and Willow!)

  4. YAY for the awesome news. Im so happy for you guys and can't wait to see you both looking dapper on the big day. Willow (wonderful name) is beautiful!

    Well done on the fitness thing. Thats something I REALLY have to get to grips with but the ba doesnt allow me any spare time and when I get a chance to grab something to eat it tends to be something that doesnt need preparation thus is unhealthy. Not great for the old waistline, lol.

    How are you finding zumba?