Monday, 28 September 2009

Is this the return of the journal?

Well Darling Spadger has gone and gotten himself a blog and is busy changing the world from his chair as well as chronicling his simple life. I love reading his blogs and it's nice to see his views on our life written down. I started this blog with the intention of using it to sell my jewelry. Then the fates smiled on me and I was able to get an Etsy (which is still not up and running, oops). So this became more of a journal.
I was an avid journal keeper as a kid. A new one every year. My days were rated from F to A+. All the inconsequential of a kids day spilt over the page. I stopped keeping one when I turned around 16. I'd discovered the art of angst poetry at that point and that was catharsis enough for each day. As I got older the poetry got better. Then as my life improved I stopped writing all together. I only seemed to write when upset or angry so when I no longer felt like that I didn't write.
Then I discovered blogging. It's like trying to swim when you've not been in water for decades. Trying to write like I used to, in any kind of relaxed manner, is difficult.
So with this blog I do aim to write like I speak. It might get a bid disjointed once in a while, please bear with me.
Reading what I've just written it seems quite stream of consciousness which is just what I wanted :o)

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