Thursday, 9 July 2009

Revolutions Frock Review

As promised then here is my review of the Revolutions Frock by Little Print Patterns from VegBee which can be found on her blog here

Fist thing then I cut out all the pattern pieces and taped together those that needed it. I then cut all my pieces from my chosen material. In this case it is a single duvet set I bought from a charity shop for the staggering price of £3.99 :o) it was reversible which gave me my contrasting fabric for the yoke and sash.

I decided to cut the skirt pieces first as this is the largest single amount of material and would cause the most problems if I messed it up. As you can see from the 2 sets of lines I almost did! The problem I had was that the material wasn't wide enough to accomodate the length of my string and I forgot this.

So with pieces all cut I started to sew. The bodice is lined and this gave me an oppertunity to practice clipping curves and turning everything inside out and pressing. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and it gave a beautiful neat edge.

I then hit my first snag. The instructions said to cut 2 front yoke pieces and 2 back ones. The back ones being cut on the fold. I took this to mean 2 identical front pieces as there was nothing to say otherwise. This gives you pieces like this picture.

However, later on you have to lay them on top of each other right sides together. This doesn't work as they are not mirror images of each other. So I went and cut another piece but reversed the pattern this time and now they will fit together as the instructions say.

Which is exactly what happened. Now the bodice was finished and I was starting to feel pretty good about it all. I had a couple of issues with the top stitching as I followed the inside line not the outside which made it wonky and I had to re do it. There were almost tears at this point. But I stuck at it, re-sewed the lines and the bodice looked lovely. I should have sewn the poppers/snaps on then but as that is hand sewing I thought I would leave it till the rest is done.

After this everything was plain sailing, I mean sewing. The sash was attached and the ties then sewn to that. The 2 skirt pieces were then attached. The next step of sewing the side seams caused me a couple of problems getting everything line up wight as you are sewing the lining tigether and the side seams in one go and I couldn't get my brain around it. Once that was done all I had to do was attached the bias binding to teh hem. Unfortunatly I mis-measured and only had enough to do half. So I have left that pinned and will make some more this weekend and finish it then. So here are some pics of the "finished" product. All in all this is the most complicated pattern I've attempted yet and it was a joy to sew. There were a few issues but those owed a lot to the fact that I have no 3D spatial awareness and kept having to ask my boyfriend for help hehehe. Now I just need to learn to grade the pattern up to my size.

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