Friday 2 February 2018

A knitwear designer

Today I finished my first knitwear collection. It still needs some editing and proofing but the designing, knitting, modelling, photographing and layout has all been done. I have learnt so much. Which is good as I have ideas bubbling in the pot for at least 5 more. So here are the things I have learnt.

1. Sit down at the beginning and plan out, just roughly, all the items. Look at what materials I will need.

2. Buy all materials at the beginning. The process for this collection was slowed down immensely by having to wait until I could afford to buy yarn for the next project. One day, gods willing, I will be a super amazing designer who can get yarn support. Until that day I have to take the budget into account upfront and deal with it.

3. Finish all items so they can be photographed together. I am both the model and the photographer so doing it piecemeal wasn't an issue and I did need several locations for this one. But being able to do them all at the same time of year and possibly time of day would be an improvement for me.

4. Make bigger swatches. I'm pretty good at swatching but I did find myself cutting corners. Don't!

5. Get a quote for tech editing upfront. I am hoping to have this collection teched before I release it but it might be touch and go. I know it's an important step if I can afford it so I need to do my upmost to afford it. Especially if I plan on having actual books printed at some point. It's none negotiable for that.

6. Write a style guide and use it as I go along. I spent most of today going through the patterns and checking formatting to bring unity to the whole project. I could have saved myself hours of work if I had done this as I went along.

All said though for a first project it's not gone badly. I am everything in this project. Designer, knitter, model, photographer, graphic designer. Next up I have to figure out selling on Ravelry and the dreaded VAT shenanigans. But if everything goes to plan I will be releasing Untold into the world by the end of the month.

Wish me luck!

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